Dad, Entrepreneur, Strategist...

"James has assisted Ltd. on a number of occasions in the acquisition of important domain names for our various businesses. James has always been professional and without his involvement, we would have either paid a lot more or been unsuccessful in the purchase."

Greg Roebuck
Founder / Former Managing Director & CEO Ltd

Technology is the present, not the future.

Dynamic, results-oriented online business professional with experience in SEO, SEM, Domain Names, Social Media and Web Development. Expertise in all aspects of product design and development, positioning sales channels and distribution, advertising and public relations, online & financial analysis. Excelled at building sustainable businesses in international markets to include Australia and the USA. A history of building the second largest domain name portfolio company in Australia and was recognized Nationally as the virtual property expert of Australia and featured on the Sky business channel.


SEO, website development, marketing, media planning and buying, domain acquisition, digital strategy and more.