Hot chocolate story

I had been to have a slumber party at my great grandmas house and we had of course played 5 card draw poker and talked about how much money we could win in Vegas. Yes, I learned to play poker when I was 6 years old along with making pancakes, cooking bacon and eggs, stuffing a pork roast with garlic and herbs, and other things that my great grandma taught me to do.

I awoke bright and early on that Saturday morning and wanted to get the paper inside and cook my great grandma some breakfast and surprise her with breakfast in bed. I ran outside and down the driveway to get the paper and a cold front had came in overnight. I looked down the road at the sunrise and exhaled to blow smoke. I thought to myself, its smoke blowing weather, surely its a day for hot chocolate! I grabbed the paper and ran back inside to start breakfast.

When I brought my great grandma her breakfast in bed with the paper, I told her "Hey Grandma, I just blew smoke outside. We've got to have some hot chocolate this morning!" She agreed and after she had her breakfast we went into the kitchen to begin making it. I loved making things with my great grandma because we never used a recipe book. We started making the hot chocolate and I said to her, "Hey Grandma, do you think that I can take the card table outside and use PawPaws thermos and sell some of this hot chocolate?" She laughed and said, "Well, you know we're going to KMart about 10 oclock so you may need some spending money." I said "The heck with spending money, Im gonna GET RICH!"

We made the hot chocolate and got some styrofoam cups out of the pantry. We got a piece of typing paper (copy paper for you younger generation) and wrote THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE 25 CENTS on it. She came out and helped me set up our poker playing table that we practiced on to get to Vegas and put a nice gold table cloth on it and taped my sign right on the front facing the road. She said "Okay I'm going back inside, you come in and let me know when you're RICH" and I said "Okayyyyyy!" and was smiling from ear to ear blowing smoke just knowing that I was going to have all of the hot chocolate business for the day.

After about 5 or 6 cars drove by with the nice people waiving at me as the passed, I thought hang on a second here- my signs in the WRONG PLACE! They aren't stopping because they don't know I have the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE for sale! I ran back inside and told my great grandma that we had to make a new sign just the same and put one on each side of the table so that cars from BOTH sides could see and stop for my delicious hot chocolate and make me rich. We made another sign and she went out and fixed it up for me. I was in business now!

My fingers were a little cold after I had been out there for another 10 minutes or so, and I thought to myself, why not have a cup to warm up a bit. I poured me a cup. Boy was that the best hot chocolate ever! It was super chocolatey! About 20 minutes had passed and I heard my great grandma call out from behind me "Hey little tycoon, are you rich yet?" and I replied "No, not yet Grandma, but there's lots of cars passing now so Ill BE RICH in just a bit!"

After about 20 more minutes, I had drank another 2 or 3 cups of the amazing hot chocolate and my great grandma called out again, "Hey RICHEY RICH, are you sold out and ready to go to KMart yet?" and I cried out back at her "Not yet, but Ill GET RICH soon!" Another 30 to 45 minutes had passed. The sun had rose higher into the sky and the temperature had risen enough for me to take off my jacket. I went ahead and looked at the lonely thermos and finished it off with another cup of that amazing hot chocolate.

I had to get up and to go inside to go to the bathroom because of drinking the whole thermos of hot chocolate. I went into my great grandma after and she said "So little tycoon are you RICH yet?" and I said, "No Grandma, and I've drank all of the hot chocolate. I was thinking, its getting warm out there and there are lots of cars passing by now. I think we should make some KOOLAID and I KNOW I can SELL that now!" She laughed and went and made me some fresh red Koolaid and we made 3 new signs- one for the front and the others to flank the card table for MAXIMUM exposure!

I was back out sitting at the card table swinging my feet back and forth waiting for a car to stop or someone to walk by but nobody did. I looked at the pitcher of Koolaid and thought Yep- I do need to sample it and make a mustache because then when they pass they'll see how GOOD it is! About 20 minutes later, my great grandma bellows from the porch, "HEY TYCOON ARE YOU RICH YET!?" and I replied "Not yet Grandma, but I will be soon!"

About another 30 minutes had passed, not a person stop and not a car slow down. I had even got up and started waving my sign at the cars and pointing to my pitcher of Koolaid. It was all for nothing. I was there with nearly an empty pitcher of Koolaid and I was doing the gotta go dance. I was about to race inside and my great grandma called out "HEY are you RICH YET?" and I raced by her and said "Not yetttttttttttt"as I raced to the bathroom.

She had went to the card table and saw that I had nearly drank the entire pitcher of Koolaid. She packed up the card table and brought it back inside the house. I had come out of the bathroom ready to go race back outside to GET RICH and was heart broken when I saw she had brought my money making display back inside the house. I was devastated and very sad. I had failed.

My great grandma looked at me and said "Your uncle is going to be here in 20 minutes! We have to ACT FAST if you want to GET RICH so you can spend it at KMart!" and got a fresh pitcher of Koolaid and she told me to grab the cups. "Cmon!!" she said as she raced out the front door, "Lets go GET RICH!" and I got excited and followed as quickly as I could.

We went to the next door neighbors house. *KNOCK KNOCK* "Hi, fresh Koolaid with a squeeze of fresh picked orange and its only a dollar!" I was behind my great grandma holding the cups wanting to run back to the house. A dollar! What was she thinking!!!!! I sat out for a couple of HOURS with my awesome hot chocolate and then my amazing red Koolaid and NOBODY even wanted to pay me 25 cents! As soon as I had those thoughts racing through my mind, the man said "Sure, Ill take 2 cups since its got the fresh squirt of orange juice in it!"

I couldn't believe it. I stood there and held the 2 cups with my hands trembling because I was getting RICH! I was in shock. I was amazed! I was SELLING. We went to the next house and then to the next house and the next and the next and the next! We only went back home when we were out of Koolaid and had about $20 in my pocket. I was RICH!